Jalsa Salana Belgium

July 05th to July 07th, 2024 in Bait-us-Salam Dilbeek
Jalsa Salana (Urdu: جلسہ سالانہ‎) is the formal annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community initiated by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (May Allah be pleased with him).
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“If an Ahmadi truly understands the blessings of Jalsa and then makes every effort to receive these blessings, and accumulates the transformations that each annual convention brings about in him, then he will progress towards a new standard in Taqwa (righteousness) each year, which will eventually lead him to the point where the Promised Messiah (as) wished to see us.”

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba)

Countdown to Jalsa

2024/07/05 12:00:00

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)
The Promissed Messiah, founder of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at

Purpose of Jalsa Salana

The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits; they may enhance their knowledge and due to their being blessed and enabled by Allah, The Exalted – their perception [of Allah] may progress. Among its secondary benefits is that this congregational meeting together will promote mutual introduction among all brothers, and it will strengthen the fraternal ties within this Community. (Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 340).

Not an Ordinary Convention

It is essential for all those who can afford to undertake the journey, that they must come to attend this Convention which embodies many blessed objectives. They should disregard minor inconveniences in the cause of Allah and His prophet (peace be upon him). Allah yields reward to the sincere persons at every step of their way, and no labour and hardship, undertaken in His way, ever goes to waste. I re-emphasize that you must not rank this convention in the same league as other, ordinary, human assemblies. This is a phenomenon that is based purely on the Divine Help, for propagation of Islam. (Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 341)

Program Jalsa Salana 2024

Friday, 05th July 2024

Lunch 12:30
Friday & Asr prayers 13:30
Friday Sermon - Hazoor-e-Anwar (aba) 14:00
Flag hosting ceremony 16:20
First Session
Recitation of The Holy Quran with Translation 16:30
Poem (nazm) 16:40
Speech Urdu: Life of Imam is a light for us by Dr. Idrees Ahmed, Amir Jamaat Belgium 16:50
Speech Urdu: Wassiyat & Nizam-e-Nau by Asif Bin Owais, Murrabi Silsila & Sadr MKA 17:20
Presentation Urdu: Action plan of the Jama'at in case of disaster. by Nabeel Ahmed, National Secretary Talim (education) 17:50
Announcements 18:20
Dinner 18:30
Maghrib & Isha prayers 22:15
Good Night

Saturday 06 July

Tahajjud prayer 03:30
Fajr prayer & Dars 04:30
Breakfast 08:00
Second Session
Recitation of The Holy Quran with translation 10:30
Poem (nazm) 10:40
Speech Urdu: Modern ways for Tabilgh by Ismail Farooq Khan, National Secretary Tabligh 10:55
Speech Dutch: The Holy Prophet (sa), well wisher for the humanity by Abdul Samad 11:25
Lunch 13:00
Zuhr & Asr prayers 14:30
Third Session
Recitation of The Holy Quran with translation 14:45
Poem (nazm) 14:55
Speech Urdu: Attachment with Khilafat & Nizam-e-Jama'at by Haseeb Ahmad, Murrabi Silsila, Afsar Jalsa Gah 15:05
Speech Urdu: Goals & objectives of building mosques by Azfar Khan Farooq 15:35
Presentation about mosque projects by Farid Yousaf, Incharge mosque fund committee Belgium 16:05
Announcements 16:35
Tabligh Meeting 17:00
Dinner 19:30
Lajna tour to book stall and exhibition 20:00 - 21:30
Maghrib & Isha prayers 22:15
Good Night

Sunday 07 July

Tahajjud prayer 03:30
Fajr prayer & Dars 04:40
Breakfast 08:00
Fourth Session
Recitation of The Holy Quran with translation 10:30
Poem (nazm) 10:40
Speech Urdu: European society & Islamic teachings by Mohammad Arsalan, Murrabi Silsila 10:55
Speech French: Love of the companions for The Holy Prophet (sa) by Mohammad Wooni 11:25
Tarbiyyat Session 12:00
Lunch 13:15
Zuhr & Asr prayers 14:15
Last Session
Guest speakers 14:30
Recitation of The Holy Quran with translation 15:00
Poem (nazm) 15:10
Qasidah 15:20
Speech Urdu: Come to me with sincerity, that is what goodness lies in by Anwar Hussain, Naib Amir Jama'at Belgium 15:30
Speech Urdu: The revolution brought by the Promised Messiah (as) by Tuseef Ahmed, Missionary incharge 16:00
Closing words by Dr. Idrees Ahmad, Amir Jama'at Belgium 16:30
Silent prayer (dua)
Allah Hafiz

Program Lajna, 06 July

Recitation of The Holy Quran with translation 10:30
Poem (Nazm) 10:50
Speech Urdu: Preserving Islamic values ​​within Western society 11:05
Speech Dutch: The life of Hazrat Aisha (ra) 11:25
Speech Urdu: In a nation, paradise comes through mothers 11:45
Poem (Nazm) 12:00
Speech Dutch: Searching for the truth & my journey to Ahmadiyya 12:15
Speech Urdu: A vibrant bond of love and obedience to the Caliphate is the true elixir of life 12:35
Due (prayer) 13:00
Tarana Lajna & Nasirat

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Message from Amir Jama'at Belgium & Preparation


Parking & transportation

Jalsa Gah

Brusselstraat 445, 1700 Dilbeek

Everyone is kindly requested to drop their families at Jalsa Gah and drive to the Parking Address to park their vehicle. Transport service will be provided by the Jama’at between parking address and Jalsa Gah.

Please comply with the staff at Jalsa Gah and Parking area. 

  • There will be a drop off area, please don’t stay too long and try to drop off as quickly as possible
  • Each household must carpool
  • Arrive before the given time in order to avoid delays
  • Follow the instruction of parking team (duty member) to avoid traffic congestion
  • Please be courteous to the locals, follow the speed limit, and avoid honking
  • Please follow directions from the parking volunteers and fully cooperate with them

Parking area

Hendrik Placestraat 46, 1702 Dilbeek